Commerce Seed Library

The Seed Library is a collection of free seeds for the community that people can take, grow, and share.

The Commerce Seed Library is accepting seed donations for flower, vegetable, fruit, and herb seeds. If you have harvested seeds from your garden this year or have leftover seeds, please consider donating to the seed library for community planting & growing. Our inventory of seeds has grown due to some donations from a couple seed companies. Visit the seed library inside the Commerce Public Library during regular hours to make a donation or borrow from our bounty of seeds! 




  • Feel free to borrow any seeds you would like to use in your garden, keeping in mind to leave some for others to use also. Please record your name and what seeds are being checked out in the seed library binder under "Borrowing Records."
  • If you wish to take only a few seeds of a type of plant, please use one of the empty seed envelopes to transfer your selection to and label, so any remaining seeds can be put back in their original packet. There is a seed sorting tray available to help with this process and prevent loss of seeds.
  • The library cannot guarantee the viability or success of any of these seeds as they come from multiple source donations and planting conditions may vary for each borrower.


  • Seed donations are welcome and encouraged, provided the seeds given are labeled with type of plant, date harvested, etc. Empty seed packets are available for this purpose and can be dropped in the donation bin.
  • Record your name and what seeds are being donated in the seed library binder under "Donation Records." Please note whether the seeds donated are hybrid or heirloom species.
  • Please do not donate seeds of any harmful and invasive species.
  • The seed library board will sort and consider any donations before they can be added to the seed cabinet and catalogue.

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Thank you to these seed companies for their generous donations to the Commerce Seed Library: